Rod Marsh was born in Tacoma, WA and now works in Dallas, TX.
He studied at Texas Tech University receiving a bachelor's degree in Interior Design and a Minor in Art.  For the past 25 years he has been the Sole Proprietor of Distinctive Art Productions, designing and installing decorative Art and murals for clients locally... and across the country.  His work has residential and commercial applications.


A mural is artwork designed for a specific location, taking into consideration several elements; substrate or surface of mural installation, style of architecture, type and color of surrounding surfaces and wants and desires of the client.  For years, Rod has been helping others realize their vision by taking their ideas and designing them into artwork for their environment.
After many years of designing for others, Rod has been inspired to pursue his own artistic vision.  He is interested in two topics typically deemed too taboo for casual conversation...religion & politics.  American Trinity Art will be the new outlet for these creative pursuits.
  "Have firm reliance on the protection of divine providence." Declaration of Independance

Rod integrates methods from the decorative art world with that of studio art.  He utilizes trompe l'oeil (to fool the eye) techniques, finishes and texture into stand alone canvas pieces.
His art is mixed medium, primarily acrylic on canvas and/or masonite.

Rod is compelled to paint, driven to create and is enthusiastic about the future.  He hopes each piece will be thought provoking and will undoubtedly mean something different to each viewer.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."  Walt Disney